Anni Powers


I am a small-town California native who’s lived in the big, beautiful city of San Francisco for the past ten years! My well-honed craft of matchmaking and dating coaching began at Table for Six where I enjoyed bringing hundreds of happy couples together through my fun and heartfelt approach. For over seven years I have had the pleasure and honor of working with thousands of singles from all ages and walks of life. With my background as a classically trained chef, I approach matchmaking like a recipe, combining all the right ingredients to create an amazing, magical experience that will make you hungry for more!  I take great joy in really getting to know each person I work with so that they can see that they not only have a great matchmaker, they also have a friend.

In my experience I have discovered that men and women arrive at the same conclusion in vastly different ways.  You will often hear me say “Men are microwaves and women are crockpots!” Therefore, I have a unique approach that is specific for each gender. I have created The Power of Three Methodology which encourages singles to have a great time meeting new people while discovering more about themselves and what they desire and need in a partner.  Every person is an open invitation to a meaningful and lasting relationship. My dedication to finding love for everyone I work with will open the door to a successful dating experience!

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