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Valentine’s Day:No Couples Allowed

Valentine’s Day. It’s impending. Le Sigh. Personally, as a matchmaker, I dread it. I love giving pep talks and helping people make sense of why they are single, but jeez V-Day! Why you gotta be so rude to single people?!

Yeah, being single is tough sometimes. Seeing all those online dating commercials and cheesy jewelry adds on television only makes you want to give that chubby, flying, arrow casting cherub we call Cupid a big fat middle finger. What I hate about Valentine’s Day advertising is that it’s designed to make single people feel like they can only celebrate if they have a sweetheart. There is nothing worse than capitalizing on people’s heartache.

In that spirit, I wanted to give my cherished singles community a reason to celebrate… Enjoy not having to scramble to get a reservation and pay double for a fancy-pants dinner! Enjoy not getting a tacky stuffed animal, silk boxers, chocolate covered cherries, or worse, a heart shaped pendant and earring set! Dudes! Enjoy not having to pack yourself into a movie theater to watch the latest Zach Efron      rom-com! Ladies! Enjoy not having to drop a load of money to get plucked, waxed, painted, and stuffed into control top pantyhose and stilettos!!

Make this Valentine’s Day a celebration of everything you enjoy about being single. Throw a pajama party with your girlfriends. Go to a sports bar and have beers and wings with the guys. If you have a widowed grandparent, take them out for dessert and coffee. Throw a Love Gone Loco movie night with friends and watch Fatal Attraction, What’s Love Got to do with it, Fear, or The Crush. Go do this: Whatever you choose to do, don’t stay at home feeling sorry for yourself.

Don't be this person on Valentine's Day.

Don’t be this person on Valentine’s Day.

Being single should be fun. It should be a positive experience. Use this time of your life to meet as many people as possible; when you are single you can re-discover yourself and what kind of person you really want to bring into your life. If you really are down on being alone and frustrated that online dating is a crapshoot, that many dating services are too damn expensive, and that you’d sooner die alone than go to another speed dating event: It’s time that you thought seriously about working with a matchmaker. Not just any matchmaker, the BEST matchmaker.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!!