Hiking boots to High Heels

Activities like hiking or going bowling are great ideas for a second or third date because you may get a glimpse of how you and your date work as a team. Since fitness level plays a role in selecting a partner, it’s a sure fire way to tell if your date can roll with the punches and keep up with you! This week my friend Cristina asked if I had some suggestions on how to dress for an outdoor date without looking like she was on her way to a spin class.

Hi there Anni, I love what you’re doing with your tips! It’s so cute (and helpful). One thing I never know the “right” answer to is what to wear on a hike/urban walk. It’s more like a 2nd or 3rd date and I don’t feel like yoga pants and sneakers are appropriate. Maybe a future tip!?

This is such a great question! Admittedly, I myself am not an avid hiker and I really had think about this long and hard. I guess I should preface this with a quote from a dear male friend of mine. One afternoon we were driving to grab some lunch and out of the blue he mused “Thank God for yoga pants” . As much as men appreciate these form fitting visual gifts to the world, I completely get why you wouldn’t want to rock them on a date. I took it upon myself to put together a few looks that are both stylish and functional.

Outdoorsy date solution!

The great thing about these outfits is that you can easily transition these looks into a casual lunch or dinner after your hike. Just make sure to bring along a jacket and a change of cute flats or heels if you are going out afterward.


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