With regard to my opinions about dating and relationships, I want to be clear about a few things. While making definitive statements is something that I rarely encourage, I think it’s important to set expectations. Since this is something I do with every person I work with before I begin matching, it only made sense to start things off the same way here. So, here I go!

1. Everything I share on this blog is with the very best intentions. My advice and guidance are suggestions that I have found to be effective through years of practical application from myself and my clients. If you don’t agree, or they don’t work for you, don’t hate. Try writing to me and maybe I can help you find a better solution!

2. I am not biased toward either gender. Both women and men have advantages and disadvantages in the dating field.

3. Though I don’t agree with a lot of dating advice that is out there, I refuse to put anyone down for what they believe in.

4. I am not a therapist.

5. There are exceptions to every rule with the exception of  being mean-spirited, rude, and/or manipulative.

6. I am an eternal optimist and I am not above being a little cliché, so: Carpe diem, let fun be your guide, and when all else fails, LAUGH.


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